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Using Java applets

This page show three ways to include a java applet on a web page. The DisplayVersion applet is used in each case. On my Netscape 4.61 browser, the applets may be rendered by different JVM's.


The DisplayVersion applet gets the system properties and prints them. The first uses the APPLET tag display the applet. The APPLET tag is deprecated.

<applet code="DisplayVersion.class" width=360 height=300 vspace=10></applet>


The second instance of DisplayVersion uses the EMBED tag to display the applet.

<embed code=DisplayVersion.class type="application/x-java-applet;version=1.3" width=360 height=300 vspace=10></embed>


The third instance of DisplayVersion uses the OBJECT tag to display the applet. This doesn't work on any browser that I use.

<object classid="java:DisplayVersion.class" width=360 height=300></object>

Last Modified: 25 May 2002
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