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Office Resources

The Blonde Guy office is a powerful location with resources for OS/2 support.

The office is comfortable with a 24 inch Dell color monitor, Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard, Hand Systems mouse and an Altec Lansing speaker bar have been arranged on the desk by and ergonomic consultant.

The office is furnished with a Workspace chair, custom desk and bookshelves, and adequate shelf space in the garage back up this powerful home office.

An APC UPS, IOGear USB KVM, Cable modem and Gigabit Ethernet hub fit neatly under desk on and equipment shelf along with the server, umbopeep.

Blonde Guy has two laptops, a tiny Lenovo X200, arbopeep, and a full size T540p, strobopeep. Both laptops run ArcaOS, and arbopeep can run eComStation.

Blonde Guy keeps virtual machines for nearly every released version of OS/2 and eComStation.

Apple iPad and iPhone systems are configured to interact with OS/2-based systems.

An artist's system is available with Adobe CS and a flatbed scanner.

The office is equipped with an HP Color Laserjet Pro M252dw printer on the network.

Internet gateway and WiFi service is provided by NetGear N300 DGND3700v2 router.

Blonde Guy is using Comcast Business Internet for now, looking forward to upgrade to Cruzio fiber whan that is available.

Last Modified: 5 Feb 2018
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