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PMMailIn September, 2006, Blonde Guy started working as project leader on the PMMail e-mail client. In June, 2007, a beta of the e-mail client was released.

The project entails leading a team of 22 people in coding, documenting, marketing and selling PMMail. Blonde Guy reports to the board of directors of OS/2 VOICE, and makes recommendations to guide the project.

The team is all volunteer, and is located in various locations around the world. Communications between team members is handled by several Web and Internet tools, such as and e-mail listserv, a Wiki, a bug-tracker, web-forums and the Subversion source code repository.

PMMail had been developed for a long time, and then abandoned by its original authors. The OS/2 VOICE corporation purchased the rights for the program, and solicited volunteers to update it and fix bugs. OS/2 VOICE selected Blonde Guy as the project leader.

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