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Industrial Computer Support

ComputerIn January, 2000, Blonde Guy started providing tech support for a manufacturer of industrial computers. These customized IBM Industrial Computers ran OS/2 Warp 4, and the company lacked resources to support OS/2.

Blonde Guy solved a memory leak problem for a customer with a graphics intensive application under OS/2.

Blonde Guy diagnosed a video problem with IBM industrial computers and managed the correction of the video device driver with the original manufacturer. I also went on-site to manage customer acceptance of the fix.

Blonde Guy created a field replacement unit hard disk, with OS/2 and a configuration program to select among six possible video drivers for each of the computers for which this hard drive is a replacement. Overcame significant BIOS to hard drive compatibility issues.

Blonde Guy helped to migrate a robotics application to newer hardware. The customer has an application distributed over three OS/2 computers on an ethernet network. To get the application to run on IBM's newest industrial computers, Blonde Guy had to overcome faulty network interface drivers and configuration parameters.

Blonde Guy debugged faulty network drivers, graphic drivers and customer software bugs. In the case of the network driver, Blonde Guy provided support for the Kernel Debugger to the driver developers.

IBM ThinkpadBlonde Guy configured an IBM ThinkPad A20 with OS/2 Warp 4 for use as the secondary controller. The ThinkPad is used to apply service and collect data from the industrial computer. My configuration is used as the master disk for all orders for Thinkpads running OS/2.

Blonde Guy provided phone support, e-mail support and on-site visits for industrial computers running OS/2.

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