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Semiconductor equipment

In May, 2002, Blonde Guy started working on the Mean Wafers Before Failure system for a plasma etch processing machine. The program was completed in September, 2002. The program was never deployed due to the downturn in the Semiconductor industry.

Etch ProcessorIn September 2002, Blonde Guy started working on exception handlers for the programs that run on the plasma etch equipment.

The plasma etch machine uses three OS/2 machines. Two of them are dedicated to running each processing chamber, and the last one runs the user interface, the robot arm control and all other tasks.

robot armThe tools used to build the plasma etch system are Borland C++ Builder for OS/2, version 2.0 and IBM C++ Set v2.01 and the OS/2 Developer's Toolkit version 2.1. The program is written in C++.

In addition to developing software for the semiconductor equipment, Blonde Guy provides support for all aspects of OS/2, both on the target equipment, and on the development computers.

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