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Some of my web applications are servlets. Servlets are simple to write. A servlet generates the web server response programmatically, so they are easy to control, and they are very fast.

The first two links on this page are for reference information about writing servlets.

Java Servlet Programming Java Servlet Programming
The web site for the book Java Servlet Programming is maintained by Jason Hunter.

Java Servlet API Java Servlet API
Sun maintains this site for the Java Servlet API.

The next few links are links to servlets running on my website. Java Servlet hosting is provided by IBM WebSphere 3.0 running on an OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business computer.

Click the big blue button to run TurboServer TurboServer maintains a set of web pages containing links. TurboServer provides a form to add and delete links. The links are stored on the server as they are added.

Click the big blue button to run TurboButton TurboButton presents a form containing parameters governing the appearance of a button. When you submit the form, TurboButton draws the button and returns it to you in the browser window.

Click the big blue button for Blonde Guy's Popuplog analyser OS/2 Popuplog analyser
Display the crash events in your OS/2 trap-information log, POPUPLOG.OS2, in a table, sorted by frequency.

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