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My name is Neil Waldhauer. As Blonde Guy, I specialize in the OS/2 and eComStation computer operating systems. My priority is delivering substantial value to my clients. I understand the pressures involved in complex projects, and will work with you to achieve timely and cost-effective solutions.

After my dot com crashed late last century, I set up an IBM OS/2 consulting business, working mainly for large companies with legacy systems in need of support. I also serve on the board of an international non-profit, and manage a far-flung group involving 15-20 people upgrading, testing and maintaining OS/2 software.

Business model

Blonde Guy is a sole proprietorship. I have created an efficient home office with business grade cable internet access, an OS/2 server, OS/2 development machines, and a well-equipped workstation to build and test computers. I handle most aspects of the business personally. When you deal with Blonde Guy, you know that I'll be doing the work, not someone less experienced. I have lower expenses and I'm focused on OS/2 and eComStation support.

I work with organizations as large as the New York Subway System, where I took over maintenance of OS/2 software used by the MetroCard fare card System, and as small as one-person businesses, where I am sometimes on a retainer for consulting on an as-needed basis.

I've been writing software since I was in junior high school, on a wide variety of systems and in multiple languages. I started writing OS/2 programs in 1990. I founded Blonde Guy when IBM wound down OS/2, leaving clients without support. My best customers have OS/2 software that has worked for years, and don't find it cost effective to switch platforms.

Software development and maintenance

I produce comprehensive, high-quality software solutions. I emphasize thoroughness and efficiency. I offer excellent problem-solving skills, and bring a no-nonsense approach to software development and documentation.

I create applications for OS/2 using C/C++, Rexx or Java. I have done product releases including requirements, design, documentation, builds, testing and release. I have taken charge of maintenance of several client's OS/2 software. I have ported software to and from the OS/2 platform.

I wrote Suntan Special, an OS/2 software application that adds, updates and removes OS/2 programs. Suntan Special is used to produce Blonde Guy computers, and is also sold as an end-user product.

Installation and Configuration

I am an expert at installing OS/2 on diverse hardware. I recommend compatible peripherals and work to create OS/2 support for new devices and peripherals. I solve device driver problems, configure OS/2 and find solutions for problems with OS/2 systems.

Blonde Guy purchases used laptops and also produces new desktop computers that run the latest eComStation. Blonde Guy is a reseller for Mensys, XEU and Arca Noae.

Web site design

The Blonde Guy website is used to advertise and administer sales of computers, Suntan Special, eComStation licenses and software. I created the website with variety of tools such as HTML, JavaScript, web page layout using Cascading Style Sheets and tables.

I wrote an on-line ordering system to manage my inventory, list of customers and orders and generate business data for accounting and taxes using Java and Jetty hosted on an OS/2 server. I use my customer list, the web-site and OS/2 user groups to market my products. I handle customer support and work with suppliers. I write articles about OS/2 and eComStation to help promote my business.

I host and administer the PMMail/2, and websites.

Project management

I manage the PMMail/2 project, leading a world-wide team of developers on the OS/2 e-mail client program. I coordinate product planning, bug reporting, source code management and software releases. The entire project is done remotely, using e-mail and web tools.

I serve on the board of directors of Warpstock Corporation to put on an annual OS/2 technology conference.

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