Blonde Guy

Neil F. Waldhauer

Current Positions

Sole proprietor of Blonde Guy

President, OS/2 Bay Area Users Group

Secretary and Board of Directors, Warpstock Corporation

Vice President and Board of Directors, OS/2 VOICE

Member, American Chemical Society

Software Engineer, Cubic Transportation Systems


Project Management

Software Engineering

Business and Non-profit administration

Conference organization

Software development in C, C++, Java, REXX

Web Development using Jetty and JavaScript

Platform expert OS/2 Warp, eComStation and Blue Lion

Current Positions

Blonde Guy (September 1999 - Current)

Sole proprietor of Blonde Guy, Santa Cruz, CA,

Provided expert consulting for OS/2 and eComStation to a number of clients.

Suntan Special is a software application that I created and sell through my website. Suntan Special is available on the OS/2 and eComStation platforms. Suntan Special creates a well configured workstation or server by installing a sequence of fixes, patches, drivers and applications to a OS/2 or eComStation computer.

Suntan Special has been offered for sale since April, 2003. Set up an online store to sell Suntan Special, fulfilled orders, produced and distributed the software. Promoted the product on Web portals and News sites.

Blonde Guy maintains a web site to sell computers preloaded with eComStation. The computers are new desktop and used notebook computers carefully tested and configured with software for common office tasks and software development.

I've written 25 articles about various aspects of OS/2, collected on the Blonde Guy website as OS/2 Technical Notes.

I am an eComStation reseller. I can provide new licenses for this OS/2 compatible operating system. I am a member of the eComStation development team.

I am an Arca Noae reseller. I can provide new licenses for this OS/2 compatible operating system. I am a member of the ArcaOS development team.

Warpstock Corporation (November 2006 - Current)

Secretary and member of the board of directors, Warpstock Corporation

Warpstock Corporation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education, information, and social opportunities to those persons interested in computer operating systems and related software through the production of an annual technology conference. As chairman of the speaker's committee, I managed all of the presenters at the conference.

VOICE (June 2012 - Current)

Vice President and member of the board of directors

The Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education (VOICE) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the OS/2 and eComStation operating systems, the education of their users, improving the communication between the creators of the operating systems, ISVs, developers, consultants, and consumers as well as representing the community of users to the public.

Project Leader for the PMMail/2 project (September 2006 - Current)

VOICE asked me to head their PMMail/2 project in September 2006. Reporting directly to the VOICE board of directors, lead a team of 22 developers to modernize PMMail/2, an OS/2 e-mail client. Responsibilities included project management, source code control, coding, documentation, marketing, web site maintenance, customer relations and sales.

Cubic Transportation Systems (January 2003 - current)

Software Engineer for Cubic Transportation Systems, San Diego, CA

Maintenance of Fare Card software on OS/2 and Windows NT

C, C++, REXX, Visual Basic

Took over maintenance of all OS/2 software used by the MetroCard fare card system used by New York City Subway System. Performed software and hardware troubleshooting including both modern and PS/2-based Industrial Computers. I used IBM CSet for the software on the PC and Communications Manager/2 to transfer messages to and from the IBM mainframe. Wrote requirements and specification documents for enhancements to the fare card system.

Blonde Guy Clients

Dematic Corporation (July 2013 - December 2015)

Since 2013, Blonde Guy has provided support and configured computers to run automobile assembly lines. Blonde Guy has provided both hardware and software support for a computer that controls the flow of chassis from the paint shop to the assembly line. Reliability is crucial, because if the computer fails, the assembly line is idled. Dematic required support for large numbers of serial ports on OS/2.

Semiconductor equipment (January 2000 - May 2013)

Industrial Computer Support (January 2000 - July 2002)

Starting in 2000, Blonde Guy provided technical support to Intisys, a manufacturer of Industrial Computers. These customized IBM Industrial Computers ran OS/2 Warp 4, and the company lacked resources to support OS/2. Worked with IBM to fix network driver bugs.

In 2002, I started to provide support to Gasonics, for OS/2 computers embedded in their PEP product line of Semiconductor equipment. Wrote exception handlers to gather information about failing systems in the field. Added a module to an OS/2 embedded program to provide reliability measurement and reporting. I used IBM CSet, Borland C++ for OS/2 and Borland Object Windows Library. Gasonics was acquired by Novellus. Novellus was acquired by Lam Research.

In 2011 to 2013, I migrated OS/2 Warp-based Plasma Etch Semiconductor equipment to run on eComStation on modern Industrial computer for Concept Parts Solutions, a dealer in refurbished semiconductor equipment.

Colgate Palmolive (February 2011 - April 2011)

Supplied consulting time to assist engineers to support OS/2 Warp-based industrial process control machine. Migrated computers from OS/2 to eComStation. Added motion video support to show training videos to production line workers.

ATM Refurbisher (July 2009 - June 2011)

Blonde Guy provides consulting in the area of OS/2. Topics have covered C language development tools, code review, OS/2 network applications and configuration and general troubleshooting.

Retail Welding Chain (January 2009 - current)

Blonde Guy provides OS/2 consulting for a chain of welding shops who have all retail locations running OS/2.

Nicolet Spirit Evoked Potential System (April 2007 - May 2012)

Repaired the OS/2 Warp computer included with the Nicolet Spirit electrodiagnostic tester. Reinstalled OS/2 and Nicolet software after minor hardware repair. In May 2012, supported another client with a Nicolet Spirit tester.

Audio conferencing (June 2005 - August 2005)

Provided OS/2 support for an upgrade to communication servers. Helped with installation and remote control issues.

Laser Etching Equipment (May 2004 - November 2014)

Customer with a shop full of laser etching equipment with OS/2 based control computers needed management, communications and backup needs.

Scientific Workstation (February 2002)

Provided an IBM Intellistation with OS/2 and eComStation and Windows 2000 installed. Installed latest fixpaks and created a disaster recovery CD-ROM.

Developer Helpdesk (June 2002 - November 2002)

Provided OS/2 support to a team of developers. Supported Visual Age C++ for OS/2, DB/2, Java 1.3.0, JNI,.

Norcal Systems, Inc. (November 2011)

Blonde Guy serviced the computer and added networking support to a Thermwood 91000 Model 40 with controller model 1999, moving table and 8 position turret head.

Mensys BV (April 2011)

Blonde Guy wrote software for operating system power management to be included in the distribution of eComStation.

Johnson and Johnson (October 2010 - January 2011)

Blonde Guy wrote software to automatically repair OS/2 hard drive corruption by replacing damaged files at boot time.

Previous Employers

Wyatt River Software (October 1994 - September 1999)

Senior Software Engineer for Wyatt River Software, Santa Cruz, CA

Web application - user interface using Java/Swing

Software usage measurement - agent using C/Win32, Win16, OS/2, MacOS

Software licensing tool - server and library using C/Solaris, Win32, Win16, NT, OS/2, HP-UX, AIX, VMS, UNIX SVR4, Cray UNICOS, NetWare, MacOS

Patent 6021438 License Management System using Daemons and Aliasing

Thermo Separation Products (May 1990 - September 1994)

Software Engineer for Spectra-Physics Analytical, San Jose, CA.

Spectra-Physics Analytical was acquired by Thermo Separation Products. Starting November, 1993, worked as a consultant.

Prepared feasibility studies of data reduction techniques for liquid chromatography. Used C and Excel

Wrote Liquid Chromatography data reduction and instrument control software in C under OS/2 Presentation Manager

Automated build and source code control using PVCS

Administered a Novell NetWare network for twelve developers.

Developed procedures for ISO 9000 certification

Waters Corporation (April 1979 - August 1989)

Software Engineer for Waters Chromatography Division, Millipore Corporation, Milford, MA. Millipore sold Waters Chromatography Division to Waters Corporation.

Developed data reduction software for High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Gel Permeation Chromatography and Process Control in FORTRAN, BASIC and C under VAX/VMS and RSX-11

AT&T (May 1978 - August 1978)

Software developer for AT&T, Basking Ridge, NJ

Wrote software to customize a database package for a marketing measurement system using FORTRAN under VM/CMS

Bell Laboratories (January 1977 - August 1977)

Software Developer for Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ

Wrote software to customize a database system for maintenance of long distance network equipment using PL/1 under MVS


BS Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1978

Systems and Software Requirements Management, California State University at Long Beach, 1999

Professional Associations

President, OS/2 Bay Area Users Group

Secretary and Board of Directors, Warpstock Corporation

Vice President and Board of Directors, Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education (VOICE)

Member, American Chemical Society


Patent 6021438 License Management System using Daemons and Aliasing

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