Blonde Guy

Blonde Guy

Santa Cruz, California

The mission of Blonde Guy is to provide high quality consulting, software and hardware for the OS/2, eComStation and Blue Lion operating systems.

Blonde Guy consulting services. Consulting services
Provide information and solutions for OS/2, eComStation and Blue Lion.
Blonde Guy Products. Products
Computers pre-loaded with eComStation, eComStation software and licenses and accessories for eComStation 2.1.
OS/2 Technical Notes OS/2 Technical Notes
Notes about OS/2, eComStation and Blue Lion
OS/2 Museum West OS/2 Museum, West
Blonde Guy helps curate the OS/2 Museum, West.
Blonde Joke Blonde Joke
This one is really funny, I promise. Not like the last one.
Blonde contact Contact Blonde Guy
Send a message to Blonde Guy.

Warpstock 2016

Blonde Guy will be presenting at Warpstock 2016

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